I need info for rebuilding 86 Spree

I am currently rebuilding an 86 Spree.

It has had 2 owners before me,was stolen once, and has 74k.---

--Yes, It is quite the rat.

Most of the wires were cut.I have managed to rewire most of them.

The key ignition was completely ripped off. All that remains are 7 wires

that lead to nothing. 2 green, 1 red, 1 black, 1 black w/ white stripe, 1

orange, and 1 light blue. If anyone has any idea of which wires should be

tied together to hot wire it. or what the wires are connected to/ are supposed

to do. Please let me know.


Re: I need info for rebuilding 86 Spree

I would try the red wire and the black wire together to make it run. I have a 85 Spree. Does yours have electric and kick start? Do you know you have to hold the rear brake to make electric start work? I tore part of my wiring apart trying to fix before someone told me that. The green wires should be ground wires. Give me a couple days and I will try to find out more. I'll either pull mine apart or go to the Honda dealer, I know him pretty good. If you can get to a dealer ask to see the shop manual with wiring diagram. Take along paper and pencil and write down what you need or better yet ask if dealer will make a copy for you.

Re: I need info for rebuilding 86 Spree

The black with white stripe wire is usually the kill wire for sutting off engine. Check to see if bl/w wire goes to kill switch on handlebar.

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