By-passing the ig. switch

Hi! I have a 1979 Honda PA 50, I been fixing it up but i dont have an ignition switch. Theres 4 wires going to it and im just curious if anyone knows the right way to by-pass it. Thank ya much! ~MATT

Re: By-passing the ig. switch

Try the black to the red. Green should be ground and maybe the fourth wire to lights? guessing here.

Re: By-passing the ign switch

If you are just trying to get the motor to run... then the black to red sounds like a good plan.

Or... pop the ignition cover off and trace the wire from the insulated side off the points up through the wiring harness.. if you run that one straight to the coil it will run but you won't have a switch.

Otherwise... I think the wire from the points goes up to the ign switch and then down to the coil... so you should be able to trace both of them.

Then use a volt meter to rest for comntinuity at the switch.

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