benelli blazar

hey im new. i have an old benelli blazar i believe and i am having trouble finding any resources about it. parts, specs, owners manual. if anyone had any leads please let me know

Re: benelli blazar

take a picture. Not sure what engine it has one it but I could tell ya with a picture. I might have some parts

Re: benelli blazar

wiki=puch 2 shoe clutch=happy benelli..

Re: benelli blazar

here is a pic of the engine. i just kind of want to know more about it. dos and donts. im kinda new to this stuff.


Re: benelli blazar

take that ugly ass cover off

That is the G2 motor. It takes a puch 2 shoe, 14.12 or 14.9 carb, the motor is also on my moto guzzi. Great torquie motor, you can find kits but ya gotta know where to look. Send me an email, I got parts and info if ya want it

Re: benelli blazar

Hola Jobe,

If you want, you can bring it up to the garage here for a tune up whenever your free. I usually take my bike to tri-cities in the evening to run its feet (if your interested, ill take my bike up tonight). Its a good quarter mile or so. Lets try to get that speedo working too.


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