Long Term Moped Storage

I was wondering what is the proper way to store a moped without it rusting away. I have 7 mopeds and can only drive one. Besides the one I drive, the rest are in a dry basement. I cleaned them, put them on their stands, filled the tanks full of 10w30, drained oil out of the tank, and just let them sit. Is this enough? Or is what I'm doing wrong?


Re: Long Term Moped Storage

Sounds like you have it down, if you are really fanatical you might try to find some way to keep the tires off the ground so they don

Re: Long Term Moped Storage

Don't you think it is kind of strange that you filled the gas tank with oil... but drained the oil tank and leave it empty?

Anyway... besides that... I know a lot of farmers take used motor oil and soak rags in it and then wipe down all the sheet metal to prevent rust on it (they lay it on thick too)... and they found that the used oil sticks better to the sheet metal than brand new oil.

Drain the carb float bowls too.

Squirt some oil in the spark plug hole.

But you ought to sell some of these to kids who could use them.

Re: Long Term Moped Storage

I drained them so if the petcock was to leak, I wouldn't have an oil slick all over my basement. I figured the oil would coat the walls of the tank.

Re: Long Term Moped Storage

OK... I misunderstood... What I read was you filled the GAS tank with oil... and drained the OIL tank.

But now I understand... You drained the gas tank of gas... then filled it with oil.. then drained that.

Sounds good to me.

Re: Long Term Moped Storage

After putting a couple of squirts of oil in the cylinder thru the sparkplug hole, give the engine a couple of turns to get it to coat the cylinder and rings.

Plug the exhaust with aluminum foil to keep vermin from making a home in your muffler. Leave a note on the 'ped to remind to remove the foil next time you use it.

A dry basement away from temperature extremes is a good place to store your mopeds.


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