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Ok, I got the little manual from fred and looked it over. I decided to check and see if it wasn't the spark plug that was the problem. It was, at least I think. I put a new plug in and then drove it around for an hour or two. Came home running fine. My mom hopped on it drove down a few blocks to the store. Once again ran fine. Then I go out to hop on it and it won't start. I checked the sparkplug and it is black and covered in dark gas/oil? Just wondering what everyone thought the problem was.

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I think you mixed too much oil with your gas and it fouled out your plug.


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Well, I decided that I have a gas and a seperate oil tank. I think the pump is mixing it improperly. I can just add the oil directly to the gas, right. And then not put any oil in the oil tank. You guys have really been a big help. Thanks to all.

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If your oil pump works, mixing oil with the gas will double the oil until the tank is empty. If the tank level seems to be dropping at about the same rate as oil in pre-mix, your pump is working.

Check the air cleaner, this will make it run rich. Maybe try a ride without it as a test.


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I don't know dude, but I would blame your mom. Sounds like she broke it :-)

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this probably isn't what's wrong with your moped but that big thing that connects the spark plug wire to the spark plug is actually a resistor, and it's there for a reason. When my moped wouldn't start I found out the spark plug cap had no current flow through it and it made a really weak spark, so I just took it off and hooked the wire directly up to the plug. It ran for a long time but it just destroyed the brand new plug and the next day it wouldn't start. It would spark after I filed the plug, but then as soon as I put the plug back in and tried to start it, it would toast the plug again. I went to the store and got a new spark plug cap and a new spark plug, and it's been running fine ever since. I think the current flow without that resistor is so much that it oxidizes the surface of the spark plug tips, so they put a resistor on it.

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The reason for the resistor in the cap (supressor cap ) is to prevent Radio Frequence Interference (RFI) In reality it has no effet on performance whatsoever. . In order to be imported into the united states the FCCA reqires that all machines with a spark ignition( mopeds, automobiles, power equipmnt, etc.) be equiped with at least one of the following. A supression cap, a Resistor sparkplug, or a high tension resistor lead.


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