Moped ... they dont exist

I will own a moped.. .. i got my lazy ass a i can get one! thats when it came to me... THEY AREN'T For sale. I live in wisconsin and want a ped but it just isn't possible to obtain one. I am getting furiously pissed off. I need a moped and i will drive anywhere in wisconsin and down to chicago. I call stores everynight i check this and many more. For the past month i have consumed all of my time to trying my damn hardest to get a moped and it just isn't possible.. Does god have it in for me. The only option is the REAL expensive scooter therapy and i refuse to support a nameless faceless corporation. WHERE ARE THESE DAMN MOPEDS .....



Re: Moped ... they dont exist

A wise man once told me

Re: Moped ... they dont exist

they are hiding in garage after barn after backyard all over wisconsin

make sure to talk about them all the time

someone somewhere will say

I've got this old moped in my garage it doesn't run

thats where you offer 50 bucks for it and your off

within all of your friends and family there is at least one moped


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mopeds take a while to find. don't be discouraged w/ taking time to find one. it will take time. and/or money. that's just life.

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jess_monster /

I had a hell of a time finding one too. I live in South Dakota and still had to look around. The problem that faced me was everyone who had a moped wants to keep it. I found a Honda Express for $125.00 and it runs. It took me about 4 months in my town to find one. If your still in school or know someone in Highschool talk to them. Someone in a Highschool has a moped. OR what I did was ask a kid who was riding one where he got his, thats how I found mine. Good Luck. I know the pain your going through.

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SteelToad /

Found this with a quick web search. It doesn't look like they would have new peds,

but they would know how/where to get them. They may also have used ones that

you could buy. This time of year, they are probably getting new ones for the

business, and need to get rid of the old. Good Luck.

Jess Monster

Brandon E /

Jess Monster,

Where in South Dakota are you from? Anywhere near Sioux Falls?

Re: Jess Monster

jess_monster /

I live in Mitchell.

Re: Moped ... they dont exist

all of you bring up valuable points but ... ebay dont got one in wisconsin ..... stores dont sell em used (allways out)......SteelToad wrote:

Re: Moped ... they dont exist

They was i found mine was to put a want ad in a local buy&sell magazine. It's a cheap trade/buy/sell mag that lets you list for free. I had several people call me within a week. I'm still kicking myself for not picking up the velosolex that someone had for 100$ I ended up driving 9hours round trip to get my 280$ Batavus. We had to take it appart and put it in the back seat of our car because the frame wouldn't fit in the trunk. It was nasty driving home in the freezing cold with the windows open so we wouldn't get silly from the gas fumes. But it was worth it.

It was a good point too, to talk about mopeds with everyone you know, there's always someone who knows someone who knows this guy who used to have a moped.

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I refurbish and sell preowned mopeds. You can check out my site if you like. I am in California but I have sold and shipped all over the U.S. I specialize mainly in Vespas and Puchs.

You can also check the motorcycle section of They list mopeds by state and region.

Good luck and Happy Trails


Re: Moped ... they dont exist

If you know anyone who can work on it or are willing to do it yourself (this involves research) you can get one on Ebay for cheap. I just bought my second one from Ebay for $75 located at the Illinois/Wisconsin border. So yes, they do exist. If you're impaitent, you're likely to get ripped off.

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also, don't worry about location. you can have them shipped to you. amtrak is awesome for that. but so is just about anything else, if done right. a guy in kzoo got a carabella for like $50 and payed just over twice that in shipping ... so $150 for a bike that just might win the rally race ... or so i've been told ...

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go to, and go to new bikes

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