nc50/metropolitan hybrid Q

Leon Swarmer /

Ok apologies first I kinda bought a scoot this a.m. a lighlty crunched metro II. The front hit a car, but the engine is stilll purring. And I have an express without an engine. Has anyone tried replacing the swingarm/back wheel from an express with a Metro swing/engine tranny wheel set up?

I know I"ll run into some trouble with the smaller back wheel, the exteneded length and need a new shock. And of course, I'll lhave a goofy looking hole where the NC50 engine was.

Re: nc50/metropolitan hybrid Q

I'd just assume fix up the metro. Even though it's a scooter, they're super nice bikes. Metro II is slow but man, what a great daily bike.

Re: nc50/metropolitan hybrid Q

I flipped a metro earlier this year. They are aight for scooters. The metro 2 is restricted to 25mph though. The express might be faster haha. Also the plastics are ridik expen, like 100 for one side panel. Best bet would be to find one being junked, get the engine and the plastics.

Re: nc50/metropolitan hybrid Q

it'd be super easy to bolt on. you'd probably wanna take the entire wiring harness with it, and remove parts you don't need from there. it wouldn't be 100% bolt on, but with spacers or brackets you could do it.

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