Kinetic TFR fuel mix

Going to buy a Kinetic TFR 2003. Does anyone know the proper fule/oil mix i need? or even better a link to the manual/ service manual.

thanks a bunch

Re: Kinetic TFR fuel mix

It uses 50:1 like everything else. Do yourself a favor and don't buy it.

Re: Kinetic TFR fuel mix

dont buy TFR=TRASH.

Re: Kinetic TFR fuel mix

what they said. 9 out of 10 dentists agree kinetics are stupid/

Re: Kinetic TFR fuel mix

i wuv my kinetic C:

Re: Kinetic TFR fuel mix

i had a '99 tfr for a brief time. i got it to run, and traded it to my friend for his non-running tomos a3 trike, which now runs.

man, i liked that tfr. it had 4,000 miles on it. it sat in the desert for 5 years (sun here in unkind to rubber and plastic). all i did to get it to go was install a tube, do a little basic wiring, and clean the carb and pipe.

i think kinetics are a maligned machine, just like the jawa. it was a very quiet, comfortable, stable machine.

26-29 MPH solid on a stock kinetic. 12 volt electrix and cdi. awesome brakes and lights. many ciao performance parts will fit.

but what do i know? i mostly ride a jawa.

Re: Kinetic TFR fuel mix

combine 500ml of gasoline with 10ml of motul 800, apply to exterior of kinetic, and set ablaze

Re: Kinetic TFR fuel mix

Larry Picarello /

TFR= third world tough

Re: Kinetic TFR fuel mix

i'd really like to get a straight answer out of this....

the 50/1 is a duh.. i use to ride 2-stroke motocross bikes.

but arnt all these mopeds different with fuel?

i have a kinetic tfr 05' and it runs great.

i just hear 100-1 now i hear 50-1 i just would

like a link to an owners manual or some one who is knowledgeable on this

and not just going to say "ohhh, tfr's suck blah blah blah"

well if that is the case then i will make the best of my FUN RIDE i have.

just looking for some FRIENDLY advice.

Re: Kinetic TFR fuel mix

it says fuel/oil 3% right on the cap. i ran 32:1 for a while, now I'm down to 50:1. Haven't seen owner's manual, you can get the parts manual from ebay or zippymopedparts too i think. I mostly go by the vespa (piaggio) manual, available from repair section amongst other places. also the vespa/kinetic section in the wiki has loads of good info.

that basically covers your drivetrain (ciao single speed) other than the cdi, which is not really problematic, or repairable, other than wiring whcih you can trace, just replaceable. everything else works like a vespa or any other bike and is pretty self explanatory.



Re: Kinetic TFR fuel mix

actually looks like all the manuals are now available at

Re: Kinetic TFR fuel mix

thanks so much for the help..

just got in from riding.


i'm down with the kinetic!

Re: Kinetic TFR fuel mix

Now you can build it up!

Re: Kinetic TFR fuel mix

The manual says 40% once the engine is broken in.

I have a 96 Kinetic and it does 35mph once it picks up speed but the take off is slow.

I happy for my first moped.

The Kidd

Re: Kinetic TFR fuel mix

my '99 said "3%" (33.3:1) on the gas cap, but another i saw said "2%" (50:1) on it.

if you run decent oil, you'll be OK at either mixture, i suppose.

kinetics are like jawas in that everyone on here will talk shit about how bad they are. most shit talkers either have no knowledge of the brands in question, or just couldn't figure out how to effectively work on the said machine, therefore blamed the bike.

i had a kinetic that i rescued. i got it as a non-op, gave it some love, and it was a good bike. they are not fast stock (27-28MPH), but vespa ciao mod parts will fit it.

they have great brakes, and 12V CDI electrics/ignition.

i wouldn't pay a lot for it (maybe $200 for a runner), but they are not as bad as everyone says. the one i had had over 4000 miles on it, and i got it to run w/ minimal effort. show me a puch w/ 4000 miles of abuse from someone who does not care for their machine (the person who owned mine was mentally retarded, and did not work on it at all).

Re: Kinetic TFR fuel mix

run 1:50

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