'95 Tomos Rims on a '98 LX

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Haven't posted in a while so thought I might. One month ago I hit a pothole and posted up about it. I have gotten some rims off ebay that came from a '95 Tomos Targa LX. The design is not the same as the newer ones but very close to it. The auction was for 2(front and rear) wheels that were complete(Tires-worn, tubes, brakes and of course the rims). Costed me 50 bucks! This was alot better than paying 80 bucks for just one new rim. The rear wheel on the bike is the one that 'wobbles' when you drive(from leaving the bike on the kickstand and pounding out the dent in the rim). I wanted to use the original brakes from my '98 since they were less used. I tried putting my brakes in the '95 wheel and they wouldn't fit! Tomos changed the designe of their brakes. The older model has a spring tensioner on the outside part of the brake where the newer one has it inside of the brakes. I had to use the older brakes which wasn't that bad I thought at first. The brake cable on the moped was ment for the newer brakes. The newer brakes have the end of the brake cable tube rest up more towards the front of the bike and the older brakes are the opposite. I had to cut some of the brake cable tube off and it was a pain to cut the wire wrapped around wire. After the brakes were hooked up and wheel on the bike I drove it around in the parking lot. The rear brake is hard to pull compared to the front brake because the rear is a different type of brake. Why couldn't Tomos just make both brakes(new and old) the same size so you can use both old and new brakes.

Swarm and Destroy!

I just got an 8 foot roll of lable(forgot what type, I know its not vinyl). I'm going to put an Atari logo on each side of the gas tank and also put one on the back of my Truck.

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