Manet Korado Moped

Anyone know how I can determine what year my Manet Korado Moped was made?

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look at the vin plate behind the headlight

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by the way those are sweet peds and that kick start is kinda rare

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Thanks, I didn't know where it could be. Appreciate the help.

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I took a picture of my vin plate, can you read the manufacture date in the vin number? Looks like U7V216 023 XV 027917, Does this mean 02 (Feb) 79 (1979) 17 (17th day). I attached a picture. Thanks for looking.


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i think 91 is more likely the year.

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Thanks again

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i think it's a 1996, I have the same one..

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i have a 96 also and i thought thet were all mid to later 90s but i'm just reading the vin numbers.

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yeah they didnt make them til the 90s when jawa bought out puch

jawa made a better puch than puch did

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jawa didnt buy out puch piggao or how ever you spell did

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George Smith /

jawa=manet=made the puch korado=hahaha

in all seriousness, manet is jawa essentially, and they made the last few years of puch, including the infamous korado, which has all those cool features like sealed bearings, kickstart, larger ports, cdi, etc

So, yeah quit knocking my jawas :)

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Piaggio owned puch, and manet got Piaggios help building the korado. This how an awesome puch engine ended up on these bikes.

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When I saw Piaggio owned Puch I mean the moped division of course, not the whole company.

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aww ok good info to know

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Thanks guys, but I'm still not sure what year mine is? It has Piaggio on one of the tags. Does that tell us when it was made? And I know it is a Manet Korado.

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King Drunky JCams /

super duper motor for sure.

the one on my pinto is the best one speed eva IMHO.

Manet Korado Moped - engine number + age

Rob Harrington /

I have just bought what I was told is a virtually unused (13km travelled) late '90s Korado. The VIN appears to be: U7V 216012 JV 026805. If the last 6 digits indicate the date of manufacture, that would be either 1968 (definitely incorrect) or 2005 - equally unlikely.

I am unable to find the engine number - is anybody able to help?

Parts are still available new from the Czech Republic - catalog(ue) attached.

Pavel Mikula


MP KORADO CZ, s. r. o.

Sloupského 1197

686 01 Uherské Hradiště

DIČ: CZ26219450

tel. +420 572 556 118

fax. +420 572 551 780

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man Id love to have a kickstarter on either one of mine.

Was puch manufacturing the korado alongside manet or the exact same thing at different times? I have a 95 puch korado and a 98 manet korado.

edit: eff this thread is old, good info on the catalog though (edited)

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Piaggio did attempt to sell a few korados under the puch name, as well as an updated maxi model but from what I've heard they were fairly unsuccessful due to being somewhat overpriced. (edited)

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Beard Road Bruiser (SoB) /


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