Moto Guzzi parts, hard to find?

Hey ya'll,

Are parts for Moto Guzzi mopeds hard to find? Looks to be early '70s. Don't know much else about it. missing chain and engine side piece. But its CHEAP.

Should i go for it, or will it be waaaaay too hard to find parts?


Mike - searchin' for a cheapass 'ped project!!

Re: Moto Guzzi parts, hard to find?

Reeperette /

Generally Guzzi parts are not easy to find...but I happen to know a Guzzi Motorcycle collector who prolly has, or can at least find them.

I'd buy it, cause so much moped stuff can cross over, even between wholly different designs and manufacturers, you can damn near hand build, as long as you have the frame and forks.


Re: Moto Guzzi parts, hard to find?

Brian Gafney /

I have recently purchased a 1973 Moto Guzzi Eldorado and I want to find a place that sells parts for it. Not just stock part but also, after market and custom parts. Is there a place that I can contact for a catalog?

Re: Moto Guzzi parts, hard to find?

Call 1-877268-6909 or 1-614-299-0550 Okay?

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