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I recently did a complete tear down of the engine on my kinetic TFR. To start off the kinetic is a great bike once all its kinks and problems are worked out, which was also stated a little back on the from. One thing i learned about the engine is that if the lower part of the engine (crankcase) is working fine then do not attempt to take it apart. It is a pain in the ass, especially after u take the nuts off on the small side cause then the bolts fall back stick to the fan thingie(haha). Then you have to remove the fan thing and retrieve the bolt, but to remove the fan thing you need a special tool. Next tip i have is to use some high temp RTV silicon gasket maker around where the cylinder hits the crankase. Also remove the head gasket and put some of the gasket maker in between the cylinder and the cylinder head. I let this sit for 24 hours and the next day i put my engine back in and connected everything. I took it out for a ride and i noticed a pretty noticable difference when climbing hills, the ped use to almost stop on steep hills, now it would accelerate of keep the same speed up them. I don't know what it did in terms of top speed cause my spedomiter cable broke when the original owner crashed it. Another thing i did was somewhat polish my exhasut port, which really didn't need it. One last thing is if this all seems a little hard, its really not im only 14 and i did it by myself.

Ross R.

99 kinetic

Re: Kinetic TFR

Pretty cool...

You did a pretty involved mechanical project and got it all back together and running again... and you did some pretty smart things like the Hi-temp RTV at the base... and "gasketmaker' on the head instead of a gasket... and probably got more compression... and thats why its climbing better.

Pretty good for a 14 year old.

The increased compression makes for more low-end... but it probably won't change the top end at all.

Run it hard and do a plug chop to make sure it is not running too hot.

Always do that after making changes.

For anybody considering using the RTV or gasket maker... use very little and spread it out smoothly.

Re: Kinetic TFR

Reeperette /

Well done, just for our reference, what's yer top end currently ?

This so we can have it for comparison value for suggestions.


Re: Kinetic TFR

Congratulations Rasta.

Now you now why they say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Speed Safe!


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