Just when I thought the A5 couldn't suck any worse

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Ok, someone else with a Targa go check yer drain plug, and tell me I am not imagining things ???

What kind of blathering IDIOT of a designer uses hexbolts to begin with, but oooh no, worse, hex bolt for a DRAIN PLUG ?

Damn things are hard as hell to get to, especially without pullin the whole damn exhaust pipe, usually caked in grit, and slippery when you do get a wrench on em to boot.

But no, they couldn't stop there, they didn't just shoot themselves in the foot, they hit every fuckin toe.

Every single godsbedamned hexbolt on that thing, is metric, SAVE ONE - that bastard drainplug....it's 3/16" !

This AFTER shelling out for an expensive, very complete set of metric hexxies cause none of mine fit.

So back to the store and MORE cash later...I finally get it out.

I am so glad the trans was already in pieces, I wouldn't have wanted to try that under the ped...I was half tempted to drill it out and replace it with a bolt, and WOULD replace it now, but the hardware store would be closed by the time I got there.

On top of that ?

I didn't know Dexron III was Red...I thought that was type-F.

What came outta that trans wasn't red, and it sure wasn't motor oil, but this milky tan stuff with powdery silver bits in it and the consistency of asphalt. (not a good sign at all).

Since 7.5oz of Dexron ain't that much, I left the plug out and flushed the trans with half of what was left in there, to make sure any more metal powder/flakes were flushed...now I've already replaced any part that looked worn, preferably with an A3 part...so that's ok.

One it was back together, and set to the Specs HERE, instead of the one's in the manual for this vehicle (The Tomos A5 Specs I posted are from Tomos, but so's the Manual, and they are very different) - it performed well, bangin out a 33mph on flat-level....it's all in the tuning.

It sure beats 26mph, which is what it was doin - more to come.

As for the hexbolts stupidity ? the A3 engine's transmission casing was held by bolts with a FLATHEAD SCREWDRIVER head- which you'd have to be a real, real moron to strip...as were the drain, fill, and level check plugs.

Now you think about how hard it's going to be getting a hexkey into that slot when it's slimy with road tar and caked inside with grime, trying every metric hexxie you got only to find none fit...by the time you figure out it's 3/16" - you've done stripped it beyond all hope of ever getting it out.

(I didn't, but then, I had it all by it's lonesome on a basement floor to study at leisure.)

Give me the A3 any damn day of the week.


Re: Just when I thought the A5 couldn't suck any w

I just changed the oil in my new targa at the 300 mile mark...now the engine does a funky little pinging noise. I have a vw beetle that wouldn't run right for a month when i changed the oil, so i stopped doing it. However, i tend to think the ped oil is more for the tranny than the engine itself, and it needs to stay fairly clean.

I guess what worries me more is now with the new biturbo, i can (and do) run up to 44 mph. I'm waiting for a ticket anyday...probly no good since i'm on probation. But, what the hell...

I'll run it til it blows, then have Ree ship me equivalent A3 parts...heehee.


Re: Just when I thought the A5 couldn't suck any w

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That's if I can get my hands on any more...I am plumb out, having used the very last of em on the Targa, alas....but it went to good use.

That pingin noise is NOT good...if that stupid little plate in there is cracked or broke (prolly cracked) it might well make such a sound...take no chances, take the damn thing apart, and while yer at it, replace those stupid hex-heads with flathead screws like the A3 has.


Re: Just when I thought the A5 couldn't suck any w

my a5 engine has a 13 mm drain and fill plug. wierd urs has the hex! hex suck. well anyways i had a moped that i put red dextron III in it and i had to chang it right after(i did tranny work on it) when it came out it looked like pepto bismal(pinkish0 i was like WTF!!! well oh well.


Re: Just when I thought the A5 couldn't suck any w

Like Mike, I have a 13mm drain plug. I have been running my A5 Tomos almost 2000 miles and I'm still pretty happy with it. I change the tranny fluid every 600 miles and the bike runs great! I am very careful to check my chain tension and do the necessary adjustments if needed. My moped will do just over 30 mph and that keeps me happy. I guess I got one of the good A5 engines eh? (sorry, I'm Canadian eh). I am glad to read that your A5 is feeling better and I hoped it continues to do so.

Happy riding!


Re: Just when I thought the A5 couldn't suck any w

Well, it's not really a loud kinda pinging like a rod's rattling or anything, and hell, it's still under warranty so i'll run it til it locks up. It runs fantastic and starts great (even better with the biturbo) and screams out a whoppin 44 mph on a good downhill run...I was actually flaggin a car ahead of me to speed up yesterday...heehee.

But it seems like anytime i take a panel or anything like that off and replace it for any reason, i get a new "buzz" or rattle. I guess i just need more ridin' time on my bike to get comfy and relax. Maybe a long trip with a cell phone for backup will calm me down a bit. When the weather gets good, I plan a day trip with a backpack fulla goodies and maybe a fishin pole. Like most of you guys say, and i'm just realizing, it's fantastic to be able to catch all the little things on side of the road as you buzz by; things you don't notice in a car cuz you're in you're in a different boxed-in world. Man, it's a blast. Anyways, I'll shuttup now...

Ride the road cuz it's free and you can,


Re: Just when I thought the A5 couldn't suck any w

Reeperette /

Find me a part # for that 13mm drain plug, wouldja ?

The hardware store doesn't have any bolts that short, their stock is kinda limited...


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