Orlando Riders!

"link text":http://foodlion.forumotion.net/forum.htm

If your tired of riding alone hit us up! All we need is your number so we can text you ride updates. This forum is also fairly handy with getting parts for your moped, asking questions about your moped, just talking about your moped, finding local rides and getting to meet Orlando mopeders with the same passion as you do. So don't be scared or timid and join! We don't bight. How would you get your number to us you ask?

Well its simple:

-Click on the link above

-Click on Booze Cruise Shred Sessions

-Click on If you would like to ride...

-Then simply post up a reply with your name and number!

Be there or be SQUARE!

Orlando Riders!

Fail on the link, yeah I know!


This is how its supposed to look like

"FOOD LION FORUM!":http://foodlion.forumotion.net/forum.htm

Re: Orlando Riders!

The prophet has spoken

Re: Orlando Riders!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEN! (Sung as Gregorian Chant with shitty Enigma background beat.)

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