Motobecane backfires....sometimes

got a 1980 motobecane, which for the most part runs very well. However, every so ofte, it starts to run really slow, and starts to make a pop noise, like a backfire. It did this yesterday, for seemingly no reason. i then left it to idle in my driveway a bit, and the problem went away. Then i was doing some donuts in a gravel parking lot today, and it started to run like crap again. So, like yesterday, i let it idle for a bit. When i went to go ride it, it back fired, and ran like crap for about 15 seconds, and then all of a sudden started running great. whats up with my bike????

Re: Motobecane backfires....sometimes

Simon King /

I'd try cleaning out the exhaust. Take a look, it might be visibly clogged up to the point where you can just stick something in and clean it out a bit. mine had a similar problem and it turned out to be a hunk of junk stuck right in the end of the exhaust.

Re: Motobecane backfires....sometimes

Chris Robertson /

If your moped has a decompression valve on the cylinder head, you might want to take a look at that. If it's loose, or really dirty, it can sometimes leak a little pressure (which sounds exactly like a backfire).


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