Friggin Metrics...

Reeperette /

Ok, after runnin round all damn day trying to find...

A - a drain pan (belive it or not, a lot of auto parts stores here do NOT carry em!)

B - Dexron III, easy enough to find...


C - Somethin that can measure OUT "220cc"s !

(which turned out to be, of all things, a baby bottle bought at a drugstore!)


I have decided to drop these Metric Conversions to everyone else, so they don't wind up bangin thier head into a wall trying to change thier trans fluid.

Tomos A5 takes 220cc's mind...

wellll....220cc's = 220ml, how was I to know that was a one-fer-one, given how screwed up our measurin systems are.

But for those hard-core US Measurers ? It's 7.5 Ounces.

If you wanna get Technical it's really 7.43921820579582727487911270415582 Ounces, but hell, just dump 7-1/2 in there and be DONE with the cursed thing.

One US Fluid Ounce is 29.573 ml

One British Fluid Ounce is 28.412 ml

Go figure.

Anyhow, if all of that is confusing to you....just measure 7.5 Oz and pour it in, Ok ?

Damn ridiculous measuring systems anyhow.

Re: Friggin Metrics...

Yeah I went through the same darn thing and I am Canadian!!!

I am from the old school when we once used the imperial system like you guys use. Sometime in the mid 1970's Canada switched over to the metric system. For what reason? Who knows? But sometimes even I get a brain cramp trying to figure out litre/gallons. But you know what I do? I use that little hole on the side of the gearbox that leaks fluid out and when it comes out steady I know that the gearbox is full. Just remember to put the screw back in that hole on the side!

What I'd like to know is, where the heck do I find a funnel small enough to fit that tiny hole on top to refill the gearbox? What do you use?

Have fun and keep ridin'.


Re: Friggin Metrics...

Reeperette /

I use the smallest one I can find and tape a straw into it, usually one from a 7-11 double-gulp.

Some places carry teensy kitchen funnels too, and someone said a 90Wt gear oil container can also be used.


Ratio Rite

Go to a good motorcycle shop and ask for a "Ratio Rite" measuring cup... Generally intended for dirt bikes and gas to oil mixture ratios... they also have cc's, oz's, and pints listed.

They have all the gas to oil ratios for these amounts of gas

1.0 gallon

1.5 gal.

2.0 gal.

2.5 gal.

With all the oil amounts for ratios from.... 16 to 1... up to... 70 to 1.

No math... no guessing... no errors.

About $4... well worth it.

Re: Ratio Rite

Reeperette /

Yeah, we got eight cycle shops and one moped shop up here, and not one of em had one of those - which I thought ridiculous...hell, don't snowmobiles use a mix ?

And the "moped" shop is actually a skateboard shop that sells 'peds on the side, with virtually NO support or parts for em.

I believe I will check some of our friends in the links section about that.


Re: Ratio Rite

We have a real big dirt bike shop here that has them in stock... I'll buy one and bring it to you if you want... I should have a streetbike on the road this weekend...

Flint sounds like a good shakedown ride.

It's supposed to be 72 freakin degrees out.

Snowmobiles are all autolubes.

So are newer outboards.

Really only dirtbikes and weedwackers and older or smaller outboards are premixed.

Re: Ratio Rite

Reeperette /

Sure, grab me one....just call ahead, cause if it's that nice...I think you won't be the only one having difficulty ignorin the call of the open road, heh.


Re: Friggin Metrics...

Ron Brown /

Correct on the 90wt bottle. I allways save the caps becaus they screw right on to any plastic oil bottle.

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