public trans. in kalamazoo?

what is the public transportation like in kalamazoo, if any? i'm wondering because the public transportation here in boston is awesome and could be why no one rides a moped here.

or is it because it is colder than penguin poo here for half of the year.



Re: public trans. in kalamazoo?

we have a good bus system in kzoo. it's free if you have a college ID, so that's good. i take it up to campus whenever my moped is out, since it's just a short walk to the stop and it comes every 15 mins on school days.

but it's not nearly as good as in big cities.

Flint, on the other hand...

Reeperette /

Never on time, never on target..and, umm...even I won't get on the buses here without my CCW, and that's da fact, jack.

As slow as much Pub-trans is...a Moped's faster.

I know cause when I use to run down Rte2 in MD, I'd get into it with a bus if I happened to be goin the same way at the same time...bastard would blow past me, then stop....and I would pass him, and he'd blow by me, and stop....fer like almost half an HOUR we'd play that damn game.

The Bus ain't that much, if any...faster, just warmer....and y'all know me, like I really care ?


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