Honda Express 1980 and Honda Elite 1987 questions

Hi! I'm looking into buying a moped or two. Can you guys tell me about the performance and reliability of Honda Express scooters (1980) and a 50cc 1987 Honda Elite. I'm having trouble finding owner reviews of these old fellows. I've only found good news on the Honda Expresses and posts for repair help.

So. Are these bikes good news, or sure to break down and be rather annoying? What about fixing up the Honda Expresses? Would that be easy and inexpensive or vice versa?

Re: Honda Express 1980 and Honda Elite 1987 questi

Cant comment on the Elite, but the 80 express is a good buy. One thing that can be a major problem is the wind up spring.

For the most part expresses are very reliable and good mopeds. But like anything they can have their problems. Rusty gas tanks, dirty carbs, And that darn wind up spring.

As for fixing them? fairly simple and plenty of parts available. Even the spring can be fixed.

I currently own 4 expresses.

Re: Honda Express 1980 and Honda Elite 1987 questi

hey i own a honda spree 1986 runs great no problems just sold my classic honda areo 1984 ran great to just minor maint such as leaking gaskets tires and iam buying a 1980 honda express cant wait true classic so go for it


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