decarbonizing exhaust = better acceleration?

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Ok all you moped experts :)

Here's the situation - I have a 1974 Batavus Bronco which goes fast but the acceleration sucks! Do you think this could be due to a carbon build-up in the exhaust, and if so, how would I go about cleaning it out. Just to let you know, I don't know anything about mopeds and am useless mechanically but I'm willing to give this a shot because I'm sick of pedalling to get going at an intersection!


Re: decarbonizing exhaust = better acceleration?

Hi, If its getting stopped up it will slow it down, you can scrape, not gouge, out head port, and there are lots of fair cleaners the guys can recomend to you.... I hesitate to mention but Caustic Soda is the best I`ve seen to desolve carbon, and never use on alluminum...will eat it up..USE CAUTION WITH THIS STUFF!!!!! DON~T EVEN BREATH IT!!

Re: decarbonizing exhaust = better acceleration?

Go further down this page and read the "How to Fix Your Moped" post.

In there you will find a part about getting the carbon out of the exhaust pipe.

Re: decarbonizing exhaust = better acceleration?

Has it always gone fast and had weak low end? If so you might want to think about getting a smaller front sprocket. It

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