Got biturbo...what's next?

Hey motorheads, I just installed my biturbo and went for a spin...The weather was foggy, rainy, and not so warm; but i still noticed at least 5 mph increase in top speed. Downhill / level accelleration is a bit better too. But plain bottom end torque didn't change much at all. I can run about 38 mph on level ground and that's good enuff for me, i don't need any attention from the coppers.

I just wanna know what I can do to juice up bottom end torque a bit. Perhaps a bigger jet in the carb...i see you guys talking about that from time to time. I'm sure these rigs are way undercarb'd since my weedeater carb is as big as my ped carb. But i don't wanna get crazy with it, i like it being reliable. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Bogged down in NC,


Re: Got biturbo...what's next?

Reeperette /

You could get a 15mm Del Lorto or an 18mm Amal, but for a stock 'ped the Amal is a lil bit of overkill, I think.

And of course, you hafta fiddle with the mix and jetting when you do that.


Re: Got biturbo...what's next?

SteelToad /

Go for the 25 tooth sprocket if you have enough top end for your needs and you

want more torque.

Re: Got biturbo...what's next?

The main jet should be properly sized for top end running.... A bigger main is not a "low end" improver.. the main jet has little effect if any on low end.

And larger carbs generally give more top end... and less low end... not more... this is true for virtually all kinds of motors.

But if somebody has tried it on that motor...maybe they can tell what effect it had.

More compression is the biggest helper for low end (other than gearing).

So if you have a head gasket ... you could try running without it as a test.

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