tomos a3 bullet trike

a few months ago, i found this, but let a friend have it because he was really into it.

he never did any work on it, and it just sat in his yard. i offered him a running '99 kinetic w/ 3400 miles on it (which i got for free, and put around $20. into it), which he took in trade for the tomos.

a3 turns over, has good compression, has no spark, and needs some lovin'.

i couldn't see any manufacturer's marks on trike apparatus. it was originally purchased at moped corral in phx, az


Re: tomos a3 bullet trike

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

I posted it already, but the thread disappeared. Lemme know when we can start going over that mean ol trike. After the '56 moby, the FS and the...

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