cosmo colt4

I have a 1981 colt 4 that i am trying to get to work.I cleaned the carb cleaned the points it runs but not right my question is what is the thing under the spark plug looks like a jerry brake thing .when i grip the handle it bogs the engine down

like a jerry brake what is this for what is this .going to time it next try it and reset the gap on the points well 15 miles an hr is better then dead in the shed.

tks sam

Re: cosmo colt4

The thing you are referring to is the decompressor. It is used when starting the engine. You pull in the handle and then crank the engine over. When you get the engine to spin you release the decompressor to start the engine.

And, yes, it acts like a "Jake Brake" on a large diesel engine.

On some large displacement two stroke enduro type bikes it is used to slow the engine when going down a steep hill.

Have you disassembled the carb and cleaned it?

Re: cosmo colt4

yes i did the carb a few times because i missed a few areas in gets anuff fuel did have it running better going to change the spark plug also .i also might be missing a thing on top of the carb i found the type and went to there web site and saw a metal tube that the cable goes through.well tks for the answer any help is more then welcome


Re: cosmo colt4

not too many cosmo colt 4s out there it has the morini m101

make sure the variator is not screwed up as that will limit speed also

I have one


Re: cosmo colt4

I"m going to check it to see if thats it. When i try to get it going it pops and never builds the power. Tk god for this site i would be dead in the water if you guys were not here. So to all that read this . Tk you for being here.


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