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Well I just got back from spring break in London and after seeing all of those mopeds and scooters and whatnot, i just HAD to go and mess with mine as soon as i got home. i just started welding last week, so i figured i'd try and do something that'd give me a bit of practice. i used the javapipe tuned pipe designer ( to figure out the dimensions. went to menards and spent 20 bucks on metal and spent two days in the garage. the result? MUCH nicer than the leo vinci exhaust i had before (i think the exhaust i bought was meant for a peugeot scooter and not moped). increased performance all around, and higher top speed (maybe 3-5mph?(i dont have a speedometer..)). the only problem, WAY too loud..sounded like a weed wacker. so i went back into the garage and improvised a silencer out of what i remembered from other exhaust pipes. I put it on and now it runs great ANd is almost as quiet as before. I recommend to anyone who has any welding skill at all to try building one of these..doesnt take too much effort, just a bit of time.

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Sounds cool, but that link doesn't work for me.

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You're browser must be case sensetive, put a lower-case "a" at the beginning of "airfoils/" in the URL.

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Thanx, nice link.

Yes, IE sucks !

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Do you feel like sharing the dimensions you built it to?

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sure. the data i entered into javapipe was 6000 rpm, 160deg exhaust, 120deg transfer, about 160 for exhaust area (i have the exact number written down somewhere), and 450k for exhaust temp. i ended up building it with a 7" length of .75" tube to a 9.5" cone to a 14" long 1.5" tube to a 4" cone to a 2" length of .5" tube.i think thats about right, the numbers are written down in the garage.. for the cones i used 22gauge sheet metal. for the silencer (which works a LOT better than i thought it would..) i used a 2.25" diameter piece of exhaust pipe about 4 or 5 inches long. i welded a piece of sheet metal to each oped end of the pipe and drilled .5" holes (so theirs one .5" hole for in and one .5" hole for out). i slipped one end over the end of the exhaust pipe. for the other end, i took a 3" length of pipe and closed off one end by welding some sheet metal on it. i then drilled a bunch of 1/8" holes in the sides of the pipe. i put it in the silencer so that the holes were all inside the pipe and just an inch stuck out. all together, its a pretty damn long pipe. it just barely comes past the rear tire..and of course the welds are pretty crappy considering i just started learning basic welding a week ago..but i like my pipe. very satisfied (and it only cost me 20 bucks).

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You, Mikie, get a standing O !


We need to think up some oddball "medals" to give out since were an "Army".

I saw he deserves one for this !


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