Another bad experience as a consumer.

Brandon E /

I don't know why, but my luck with buying stuff sucks!

I ordered a new gasket set from The Moped Junkyard, and it's a fine, fine product. Their products are not the subject of this rant, they are a great source of parts. But, they packaged my new gasket set in an envelope, priority mail, made of cardboard. Everything was fine, the gasket set was in perfect condition...until it reached my mailbox. The mail carrier folded it in half (which, in my opinion, is the equivilant of smashing a box flat and folding it in half.) And guess which gasket, out of about 7 gaskets, just happened to be in the middle of the envelope. The only gasket not made of paper, the metal gasket, the head gasket. It's creased about 4 times and unusable. It was the most important gasket in the set. I emailed the U.S. postal service and they responded with an E-mail equivelant of an answering machine recording. I e-mailed the Moped junkyard on saturday and I am still awaiting a response.

And just as the weather was improving, too.

Swarming and Destroying...eventually...I hope,

Brandon E

Re: Another bad experience as a consumer.

for what it's worth ... several people here in kzoo don't even use head gaskets. not sure why ... but we don't. there seems to be the idea that they reduce compression? but that could be way way off.

next time, be sure moped junkyard mails it in a box w/ packaging. that's how handy bikes ships all their stuff ... w/ lots of newspaper and bubble-wrap.

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