I promise to god there isnt a way to buy a moped used. WHERE DO I LOOK. THE INTERNET IS USELESS BECAUSE THEY NEED TO BE SHIPPED. i live in milwaukee and need ideas on how to get a moped.


david f martin /

This is how I found mine. I posted an ad in a local want ad rag, waited about a week, and got a phone call from a shop that had one for sale.

A bike shop near home brought out the peds they'd been storing all winter... You might have to do a little work to get one running, though. Check your yellow pages.



also check the classifieds and excite.com classifieds ... i see lots of mopeds there. it's funny, but once you start looking, they seem to come out of the woodwork.

how far away are you from madison, wisconsin? there's a store there called "scooter therapy" that sells mopeds. they have a website, too. contact them. keep looking. you'll find one. scour ebay ... they show up all the time.


I'm sympathetic. All the classifies I find tend to be on the East or West coast, too far away. I finally found a decent price on the Kinetic TFR, new at Egghead.com and bought it ($560) and paid the $125 shipping to my front door (ouch). I will drive a couple of hundred miles for the right deal.. but that's quite a trip if it turns out to be a lemon (worse than advertised). The center of the country is a long ways from everywhere! By the way, the Kinetic came from India via Cosmos Motors of "somewhere in PA" The guy on the phone sounded like some kinda "break your legs" Mofia type. Not very friendly.. but they did send the parts broken in shipping.


I am so pissed because i have been saving and now there is no moped. moped.org has trash.......ebay has nonexistent wisconsin peds and excite is worse. IF YOU HAVE A PED IN WISCONSIN AND WANT TO SELL IT PLEASE EMAIL ME.


unfortunately, you will probably have to drive somplace. but you can't be that far from madison! there's dozens for sale right now at scooter therapy. seriously. contact them. we often drive far out of state to buy mopeds. so do that.

also, if you find a cheap moped across the country, you can get pretty cheap shipping via amtrak. you'll have to pick it up at a train station, though.

or go through the new mopeds, like vern suggests. they might be worth it. scooter therapy in madison WISCONSIN also sells new avanti (formerly garelli) mopeds. they might have some other new models, i just can't remember right now.


oh wait, milwaukee is in minnesota, not wisconsin, right? sorry. but still, drive out for mopeds. it's worth it. make a day trip of it w/ some friends. we do that far too often .... but always w/ good results!

Geography ????

Reeperette /

Uhhh... Mig ?

Milwaukee is in Wisconsin....heheheh.

I know, I just drove through that area, but trust me dude...you do NOT want the Suzuki I am tryin to pawn off...not as yer first ped, anyhow.

Madison is a bit of a haul from Waukiee, but I agree, it's worth the trip and ScooterTherapy sells decent used ones.



I was at a shipping store yesterday.

And I told the lady behind the counter I wanted to know how much to ship something to Maryland... And she said... You mean Maryland, Virginia?

I said... No.. Maryland is a state unto itself.

She looked at me like she didn't believe me. Then turned to look it up.

Then a guy next to me at the counter piped up.

"There is a Maryland in Virginia... I think its the capitol"

Well there isn't a "Maryland" Virginia.

Apparently they don't teach geopraphy anymore.

Miguel is excused because this is not his native country.

The rest are not.

Re: Geography

SteelToad /

Fred, where are you in Md. ??

Some friend of mine went to a trip to one of the US Virgin Islands. They were

suprised by the high taxes, and explained that where they were from there

is no sales tax.

Friends: Where we are from there is no sales tax.

Salesman: Where are you from

Friends: Delaware

Salesman: Delaware ? What state is that in ?


One thing that wouldnt hurt is to talk to people about mopeds. I went to work one day at the local sports bar and grill with a moped that I was borrowing. I ended up talking to 2 people, one with 2 mopeds, and another with 1 moped, interested in selling them. Some people have mopeds stored away but havent gotten around to putting them in the ads for sale. Its indefinate that your gonna have to fix most of them beings that they've probably been sitting around for years.

Re: Geography

Reeperette /

Don't you just wanna BEAT people like that with a map ?

Or worse..the Commercial Trucking Road Atlas I keep in the car...WHAM !


Re: Geography

Sadly, I am one of those people who's not so great at the subject. But I do remember a song from 3rd grade that forced me to memorize all fifty states in alphabetical order. That song has haunted me for years..."Alllllaaaaabama, AlaskaArizonaArkansas...CaliforniaColorado...Connnne-ti-cut! De-la-wareFlorida




You get the drift. Was this inflicted upon anyone else? I swear I only know geography when I'm actually in a specific location. Please don't beat me with maps...

Re: Geography

I'm not... I wanted to know how much to ship something to MD.

I'm from beautiful sunny hot Michigan...... Hey Ree... pass the pitcher of Pina Colada's.

Re: Geography

Ron Brown /

Still Basking in the sunshine, eat your heart out. :-)


Re: Geography

Hey, I was sure Madison and Milwaukee were in Wisconsin. But the kid kept ranting about how things were sooooooooooo far away. So I thought maybe my mind was failing and I was mistaken. I do often confuse Wisconsin w/ Minnesota. Not sure why.

Anyhow ... it's not that far to get a moped. I just got back from an Army excursion that was several hundred miles (5 hrs both ways) bot buy nine mopeds we piled into the back of a pickup. They will run soon ... including my new powder blue 1980 Garelli Rally Sport.

So, if you want a moped ... you might have to put a bit of effort into it. If you're not willing to do that ... then SHUT THE FUCK UP!

No offense, I'm just tired from lack of sleep and hearing people bitch about how they can never find mopeds. When you look .... you find them all over the place.


Simon King /

this is definetly true. bill from kalamazoo was talking about mopeds one day and someone just offered them theirs for free because it was sitting in their garage. never hurts to let people know what you're into.

Re: Geography

Simon King /

It seems to me like warm weather brings out the mopeds. It's just starting to warm up here in Kzoo and lo and behold, 15 mopeds have entered the scene this week. -- Keep looking Justin, you'll find one.

I can't wait to go pick up my new Indian 4 Stroke from Flordia -

Re: Geography

I got ya miguel....I (next week hopefully) will be going down to chicago to get either a batavus or a garelli supersport....What do all of you think about garelli vrs. batavus!

Re: Geography


Sorry I was giving you a hard time. I was in a pissy mood.

I would go w/ Garelli, but that's because I'm an Italian chauvenist. What kind? Is it a Rally Sport? I just got one of those a few days ago and hope to get it running as soon as I get a chance (w/ some Army help, of course).

I don't know anything about Batavus. But I'm sure others will ... take a friend along and buy both! Then you can ride together.

And keep looking all the time. They pop out all over the place once you start asking around.

Re: Geography

Reeperette /

>>Sadly, I am one of those people who's not so great at the subject.<<

My suggestion for rectifyin that lack of knowledge ?

Yakko Warner (of Animaniacs)....you'll NEVER forget, once you stop laffing.


Re: Geography

Reeperette /

::hands him the iceblocked pitcher and a chisel:::

Uh, huh...


Re: Geography

Tell everyone you know you are looking for a moped. I did this and now I have 6 mopeds in the garage. 4 of them were FREE and the other two I only paid $25 each. 2 Tomos, 2 Expresses,a Spree and a Motobecane. And go look at everything you hear about, it cost nothing to look.And yes I'm from central Wisconsin.

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