Ethenol in gas.. is it okay for ped?

You know.. that alcohol made from corn and added to gasoline. It is very popular out here in corn country (South Dakota) and adds a couple of octane (89). I love it for my old car.. nary a ping!

It's a 10 percent blend and I've heard it keeps carburators cleaner.

Re: Ethenol in gas.. is it okay for ped?

Where in south dakota do you live?

Re: Ethenol in gas.. is it okay for ped?

Onida (pop. 800) about 30 miles north of Pierre.

Re: Ethenol in gas.. is it okay for ped?

Reeperette /

I can't see it doin any harm, and in the Winter, or variable temp and humidity situations where you may get condensation in your tank, it generally helps by offsetting the watered-down-gas syndrome.

Of course, the Oil Companies right now are doing thier level best to steer folks away from Alcohol in fuel, cause that might lead to Alcohol Fuel...which they do NOT want.

Hell, the only reason cars run on Gasoline anyhow was that in Henry Fords time, Gasoline was just toxic waste, a waste product of kerosene production.

With our HUGE surplus of grain/corn, etc - we could convert easily and efficiently, there isn't really any logical reason to run on gasoline anymore, but they've a monopoly and intent to keep it.

Notice how every time they try to force the Alcohol-in-Gas solution how many...uuuh...petroleum "accidents" suddenly occur to drive the price up ?

But as fer that, no - it's not going to do any harm, might even do some good.


Re: Ethenol in gas.. is it okay for ped?

moped warehouse of New Jersey /

There is a problem when using any alcohol based additives in a 2 Stroke engine. The problem is known as bore wash. Alcohol is a hygroscopic compound. Which means that it attracts water. It will pull a fair amount of water from just the humidity in the air. This water and alcohol settles at the botom of the tank . It is especially a problem if you are running your moped on the reserve position. When this mixture of alcohol and water is run through your engine it acts like a solvent and strips away the thin layer of oil protecting the piston cylinder and bottom end. Often times people will bring their moped into a shop for a siezure problem and they are told that they must have run it without oil. The customer swears they have always maintained the proper oil ratio. What we do next is check for alcohol content. There are several specialized tools used to give you the alcohol content for gasoline however here is a quick and free way to check for its prescence yourself.

Take a glass or beaker (prefeerably one with graduations on it) and fill it with about 1/3 cup of ordinary tap water. Then take about 2/3 of a cup the gasoline you wish to test. take notice of the exact amount in the glass either by reading the graduation or by carefully marking the level on the glass. Shake the glass vigorously for about 3 minutes taking care not to spill any of it. let it settle and then look at how much is in the glass. Over the next 10 minutes keep checking the level. If any alcohol is present you will see an increas in the amount in the glass.


The Moped WareHouse

Re: Ethenol in gas.. is it okay for ped?

hell yeah.. thats why as soon as i get a bit of extra cash and buy a new carb (dellorto 15/15) and some large jets, im gunna start messing with ethanol and methanol again. i found out a while back that theres special 2stroke oil you have to buy to mix with it since normal 2stroke oil barely mixes at all.

Re: Ethenol in gas.. is it okay for ped?


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