, problems but okay

Well, I finally got a moped shipped out here to the high plains. I bought the "low quality" Kinetic from India ($560 plus $125 to ship) I had parts broke in shipping but replacements were sent within a week. Cheap pedal broke on my first crank but I have steel ones from an old bike to replace them. After about the third ride, the air filter fell off but I have wedged a piece of foam between it and the frame. Otherwise, it seems to be running okay..(keeping fingers crossed) with just 50 miles ridden. I rode to the next town with the temperature at 34 degrees. Ran well but I froze my ass off. Get this, the manual calls for 4 percent Oil/gas mixture for first 300 miles.. then, 3 percent.. and the gas plug (not cap) says 2 percent? What is that.. take your pick between 2 or 3 percent? Then I have seen ads say "carry load, 250 lbs" ..the manual say "200, max"..but I have ridden son on back which is about 270 lbs load. It ran okay if you can get started! The Ads say: Top speed = 30+; the manual says 26. The manual was in 4 languages.. but lousy explanations with lousy illustrations in all four (my guess..I could only misunderstand the English). Well, if that engine doesn't have a fundamental problem.. it might work out to good value overall. I'm holding to 20 mph for the first 300 miles as one of the sheets said (another.. said 18.5!).

Re:, problems but okay

Reeperette /

Once you've got all the bugs out on shakedown, the Kinetic isn't all that bad of a moped, they are simple, with a fair amount of "go" to them, and reasonably durable.

The Problem comes from Kinetic having almost NO Quality Control at all on thier assembly line, so they do require extensive shakedown prior to using em on a regular basis.

So shake it down, take apart the parts you are skilled to do so, and check them.

Oil Mix is 3% on a Kinetic, but I'd run a hair more during break-in.

As for the discrepencies, prolly due to bad translation and folks with poor math skills converting from metric, but hell, you think that's bad, read some Motherboard documentation from PC mainboards that's poor translation !

But anyhow, shake her down real good, and the Kinetic will hang in there quite well, once you get past the break-in period.


Re:, problems but okay

I recently fixed one for a fellow who only put 17 miles on it before the crankshaft froze. I explained to the people at Cosmopolitan Motors wht happened and that the problem had to be quality control. They provided parts at cost even though this moped had been out of warranty for years.

After putting it back together it runs fine. The Kinetic TFR is a copy of the Vespa Ciao. It's a poor translation though. I'd take an old vespa any day. the plastic used on the Kinetic seemed brittle despite beng only 5 years old. My '79 Vespa Grande's plastic is still pliable.

The design is based on a known good one, but the carrying out as far as quality goes is the problem.

fix the bugs and you should be OK


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