hiding maxi wire harness

has anyone found a place in the frame to stash the wire harness on a maxi?

Re: hiding maxi wire harness

kind of hard to do. stock wiring has soo many wires.

there are quite a few wiring threads currently, and I've said the same thing in each.

I'm a fan of the straight wire.

If you invest 25 bucks into an internal ignition w/ 12v lights. you only have 2 wires to deal with.

That means split the light wiring to the headlight then ground.

to tail light then ground.

easier to hide!

Re: hiding maxi wire harness

i took out the block, and used some small wire nuts and zip ties, then wrapped w/ some black tape...

Re: hiding maxi wire harness

DONT get an internal ignition coil. i know a few people that have had them fail within a day of installing them

not to say theyre all bad, but some definitely are.

if you dont plan on changing your wiring for a while, drill a hole into the hollow part of the maxi frame and hide it all in there, no problem.

Re: hiding maxi wire harness

i like to cut a small hole under the frame right above the first engine mount bolt and run all of the wires into that space where the OG airbox went. put some mesh sheathing over them and it looks like you have no wires at all.pretty sweeeeet.

Re: hiding maxi wire harness

pics of this?

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