Fuel Fragrance

just ordered some manhattan rippin root beer

pretty stoked


Re: Fuel Fragrance

The Reefer Madness scent gave me some very bad ideas...

Re: Fuel Fragrance

ahaha i saw that one.

Re: Fuel Fragrance

Did they stop making _reefer madness_?

damn, that'd be perfect to run in my vw bus

Re: Fuel Fragrance

I have Flyin' Hawaii'n mixed with Amsoil and 100LL. It smells like Hubba Bubba Bubblegum at a light or stop sign.

Friggin' Awesome.

Re: Fuel Fragrance

well heres ur chance Marijuana Fuel Fragrance Street Car Race Motorcycle Item number: 230333472403 this is on ebay

Re: Fuel Fragrance

of course that would be more popular than root beer huh haha

that's awesome johnny, i was hoping to smell more awesomeness less gass-ness

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