upholstery knowledge needed

what all used to hold vinyl down tight and pretty?

i need to do something with this black block i sit on... UPHOLSTERY TIME! im thinking chop and recover for a modified stock look.

just need to know how to reassemble so it holds up. what kind of staples are used, glue, any other things?

Re: upholstery knowledge needed

marine vinyl. regular staple gun. polyester thread. practice practice practice.

Re: upholstery knowledge needed

im going to use the same cover, just reshape the foam, maybe make it more buddy seat like and not make it so thick.

where would i get this marine vinyl? jo ann fabrics have any?

im afraid staples are going to go into my legs, or my ASS!

Re: upholstery knowledge needed

so get shorter staples thats the only way to do it its gonna be a bitch to re shape the foam and fit the old seat to it maybe you should think up a new seat design and template it out with newspaper if it measures up get some waterproof fabric and seem it up and dont forget to seal your seams on the inside with a high strength silicon, just brush a generous amount on the inner seam.

Re: upholstery knowledge needed

what he said. yeah jo-ann has marine vinyl in a rainbow of colors.

Re: upholstery knowledge needed

shweetness. for silicon glue, will rubber cement work?

dark red would look kinda sexy.

why do some seats have a strap that goes from one side to the other? whats its function? kind looks cool lol

im going to knock the rust off of those home ec skills i got in 8th grade.

Re: upholstery knowledge needed

sometimes jo ann has it.

you can order a yard online for pretty cheap.

that is enough to practice and do it for real.

depending on your seat pan

you need to is get super 90 spray adhesive.

spray a little, pull the vinyl tight and then staple to underside of seat pan.

this video link I'm giving you shows a good example.

you have to be careful that you are stretching evenly though.

I reupholstered the seat on the Maxine (panther pink) maxi thread that was posted recently. it has a before and after shot.

Re: upholstery knowledge needed

And what do you do if your seat pan is metal? Both my Puch and Tomos have metal seat pans, the seat fabric seems to be held down with nothing more than glue.

Re: upholstery knowledge needed

Go to Wal-Mart, get a leather needle, a metal thimble, & upholstery thread. Also get E6000 Craft adhesive & a bunch of strong spring clamps.

A leather needle makes easy work of the thick material, thimble keeps you from driving the needle through your finger as you push it through several layers & upholstery thread is thick and strong. E6000 bonds just about anything to anything, and won't dry too fast, giving you time to make adjustments as the spring clamps hold everything in place.

Carefully pick apart your old seat, and use the pieces as a template to trace onto the new material. Be sure that you include about an extra 1/8" (especially in places that the seam has ripped) so you have something to sow together. I suggest using a back stitch for added strength.

this is how I did the seat on my Negrini, and it turned out great. Just be paitent, take your time and it can turn out better than you expect.

Re: upholstery knowledge needed

thanks for recommending a product, but are you also recommending doing it by hand?

Re: upholstery knowledge needed

if you cut your pieces right the 3m super 90 will glue marine vinyl to anything.

go watch videos of it. shit is beast.

before and after

you will probably have to sew your seat cover to fit, pete is right.

if you follow kind of the the guy in the video did his from earlier you'd be good to go.

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