waiting on kit/pipe/carb/tires/blahblah

just some minor porting for now, nice intake made from a handlebar plus tuning gave this bike some great low end.


Re: mmmmotomarinaa

sliced off the excess rear fender, cut a big hole in the back of the body piece and glued a red lens in there for a sleek and sexy tail light.


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Re: mmmmotomarinaa

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

Those bikes are beasts. Bigger than magnums.

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Re: mmmmotomarinaa

im torn between keeping this or selling it for a non-running magnum...

i just love how this bike handles, it feels so comfy to lean in low on the turns

Re: mmmmotomarinaa

Personally, I would keep it. Magnum are nice, but it seems to be the bike everyone gets to show off on. Besides the za50 can be fragile when kitted

Re: mmmmotomarinaa

damn, looks so good...

Re: mmmmotomarinaa

p.s. id trade my magnum for that in a HEARTBEAT.

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