I have the Urban Express running well now, about 33. What differance will a windshield make on top speed???

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Is that Urban Express a 4 stroke? ..and what year model? I found an ad for a 1980 Express for a great price. Said it was running but needed "a needle"? Know what that is?

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Well, just think about it logically. If you increase wind or any other kind of resistance(weight) it will slow down the ped. Ped's in general seem to be a bit underpowered to begin with, so do you see the situation.


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SteelToad /

You would think that a windshield would increase the wind resistance, but that

isn't always the case. A properly shaped windshield can actually reduce the

wind resistance.

If you think about how you sit on the ped, the air is trying to move around your

body, and your arms. The wind escaping around your body is blocking the the

air trying to escape around your arms. The total surface area is actually larger than

the area your body occupies. The airflow is smoother too creating less vorticies

than when it encounters your body.

I don't know what shape you need, or how to design one, but they can either help

or hurt your speed, and the border line is a thin one.

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I have a long beard that may make a difference. I understand what you are saying, but I was hopeing someone had tried it, and could shed some more light on it.

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SteelToad /

If you want a windshield bad, look at the BMW C1

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Combination windshield, and roll bars.

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