Moped Speeding

I hear that some of your peds go above thirty but doesnt that legally make them motorcycles. I dont get it.

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I'm not all that clear on moped laws (because frankly, I don't care if I break them), but if I remember correctly, apparently it's only required that manufacturers make the mopeds so that they go under 30 miles per hour. However, what people do to them once they buy them is unregulated. Seeing as there aren't exactly inspectors running about to see who's rigged their moped to go 35 or 40, people who know how can make their mopeds go faster than the established speed restrictions. Does this sound right?

Either that, or the definition of a moped in some states is simply that it have pedals and a 50 cc engine or smaller. One moped army member has a bike that fits those requirements but has four gears and goes 50 miles an hour. Legally, I believe it's still a moped. Maybe it's a combination of both.

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I tend to agree with Carrie on this point. The key factors are the cc's and pedals. Should you increase the engine displacement then you get into trouble. Yet again when a cop stops you and you have a biturbo or a big bore kit how is he going to know just from looking at you registration?


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hahaaa my 50cc bultaco goes 80mph

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First of all, my hats off to the any 50cc engine that can go 80mph (not 80kph). But Carrie is mainly right. In Michigan, a moped is any vehicle w/ a 50cc engine and less than four wheels (then it's a go-cart). You are required to go under 30mph, but it's not part of the legal definition.

Of course, most of us use the 50cc AND pedals definition. Though I would argue that a "literal" moped is anything w/ a pedal starter. So a moped w/ an 80cc kit, for example, would still be a moped, not a motorcycle. In Michigan, of course, that 80cc moped would be a "legal" motorcycle. Also, techincally, any moped is a "motorcycle" since it's a vehicle w/ an engine. A "moped" is a subcategory of motorcycle, strictly speaking. The first motorcycles ever made had pedal starters ...

Anyhow, in Michigan, you can get a speeding ticket if you are caught doing more than 30mph. Army members look forward to this day. If I ever got a speeding ticket on my moped, I'd frame it and put it on my wall proudly. It would prove beyond doubt that I was going "that fast."

Dan does have a Bridgestone that is a 50cc bike w/ a kickstart, four gears (manual) and goes about 50mph (or more?). Legally, in Michigan, it's a moped. Though it could also qualify as a small motorcycle. Of course, none of us consider it a true moped and it's banned from racing in any Moped Army rally races (as are any vehicles w/ speed kits).

But ... if you can get your moped to break 30mph ... then do it! Ride hard. Ride fast. Ride often.

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Reeperette /

>>Anyhow, in Michigan, you can get a speeding ticket if you are caught doing more than 30mph. Army members look forward to this day. If I ever got a speeding ticket on my moped, I'd frame it and put it on my wall proudly. It would prove beyond doubt that I was going "that fast."<<

I knew I shoulda saved that one for something....

I got one for 42mph in a 25Mph Zone.

I had just done a full tear-down and tune on my old A3 Golden Bullet (this one wasn't a TT, traditional frame), and it was a glorious spring day, of good temp/humidity/etc, which does make a diff in how they run, anyhow...

That one had a few mods, Encarwi <sp>? Carb instead of the Del Lorto, performance muffler, but not a Bi-Turbo model, etc..

She was fully warmed up, and wound all the way out on a nice looong gentle downhill, and I missed the sign cause I was so busy enjoyin myself, and I totally missed the cop sitting in the 7-11 parking lot (where else? prolly chompin a donut, too), who beamed me as I went by.....and pulled ME over !

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or be annoyed, till he handed me the ticket and I decided on annoyed.

I took it to court and brought the Specs manual with me, showed it to the judge and pointed out, it's unlikely the radar gun would track a moped effectively, and according to the manual here, ain't no way that thing does more than 30Mph.

He prolly knew better, but didn't feel like arguin the point and tossed the ticket.

Maryland cops are pricks.


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Man, Ree ... I would've saved the ticket just to prove that I did go that fast on a moped. If you get another one, keep it! ;-)

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tomos are fast. i got stoped once but the cop laughed and drove off. wel anyways iu was doing 40 in a 25. sux for me. see ya


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I just put on my new biturbo exhaust that i got from the moped those guys are fast with shippin! Anyways, i went for a quick spin but was a little buzzed so i didn't get a real good run in. Damn, that muffler is LOUD! I noticed a little torque diffy just pulling out of the driveway, but what freaked me was that i hit 42 in just a few secs....of course, it's way steep downhill from my house for a long way, but i used to hit about 33 and flatten out...

I hope tomorrow is warm cuz i'm going for a long cruise and hope not to get any tix for speeding or noise....

Ride and kick ass,


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Ataristyle /

I doubt you'll get one for the noise. I've taken the insulation out of my biturbo in order to make it a louder. It brings out the stroke in the bike. I havent gotten a ticket for it so far and don't think I will. Harley's are much louder and they don't get tickets.

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noise ticket

jimmiegimme /

I got a ticket about 4 years ago for loud pipes on my Harley, but I'm running straight (no baffles) drag pipes, and kinda expect a hassle from the MAN when I'm running solo, but I never been stopped when I'm running with the pack.

It depends on the cop, if he's having a shitty day or just got layed, but if you have someone in your neighborhood who calls in bitchin about a screaming moped, he's kinda obligated to bust your ass.

If your stopped, just make sure your ducks are in a row (legal papers:reg,ins,etc.) cause the cop can start checking your bike and papers out, even though they have NO idea what there looking at.

When the cops stopped me, one of them stuck a black-jack up my pipe checking for baffles (I told him I had baffles,oops, I lied) I wondered who taught him that trick.

I doubt if you'll get stopped for noise on your ped, but if you ask for it, they WILL respond to complaints.


BTW..... I'm still running straight drag pipes.

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