1979 motobecane good deal?

So I have a Batavus but have been looking for something that is a bit easier to do performance mods on since the Bat is particularly difficult. I just found a 1979 motobecane which runs well on craigslist for 350, supposedly does 30+ right now. I'm going to try and scoop it up, do you guys/gals think this is a good deal?



Re: 1979 motobecane good deal?

Just buy it if it runs and said goes 30+.

They usually all do that.

They are very simple bikes, just dont forget about the mounts and belt later.

Look here hfor MOBY help, http://www.mabecanemobylette.com/

Forums are god too.

Re: 1979 motobecane good deal?

No linky, try this LINKY

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