i am considering strapping a 1972 v8 hemi cuda engine to my 1992 tomos targa. does anyone have and sugestions?

Re: hemi!

First of all, I'd suggest an automatic tranny with at least a 3.73 rear gear ratio cuz of the light weight...I'm curious if you're gonna run it on the street or just drag it. if you just drag, then you won't have to fool with a radiator...just fill the block with pure anitfreeze/coolant. I spose you'd need to invest in a slightly larger rear tire to improve traction off the line...use a remote starter that feeds off of the the main belt...use any and all aluminum engine parts that you can afford to reduce weight.

I'm trying to think of the engine mount configuration, but I'm mainly a chevy man and I don't know much about dodge engines other than they SUCK. Perhaps you's consider a small block chevy such as a 350 instead? Not only would you be more popular, but you'd probly actually find a supplier of motor and tranny mounts for just about anything; including a moped...

Have fun, I know I am,


Re: hemi!

Well i would go with the 413 wedge, built in 1959 and is still used at the track today, but don't forget to top it off with classic 671-gmc blower, just think they used to drive these toys on the streets when gas was cheap, but remember; he who dies with the most toys wins! Andy....

Re: hemi!

Reeperette /

You forgot the Holly Fourbarrell Multiple Carb set.


Re: hemi!

SteelToad /

Outriggers !

Re: hemi!

lol... april fools day!!!(yesterday) and the cuda engine does have 2 fourbarrel holly carbs on it. actually its my frinds cuda but that would be cool to mount it on a moped but i was just kidding. oh and btw the cuda is a plymouth. well see ya

Re: hemi!

Reeperette /

Ya, the 71 Plymouth Hemi was like, the Car-Ultimate....I'd Love to have one in Stealthkote Black with a nice big "Blow me, OPEC !" bumper sticker on it.

As far as V8 Power, not a ped...but last year I saw the damndest thing on the way to another state...it was some sort of motorcyle, and it had a friggin straight-eight slung in there, obviously custom-built and kind of ghetto-looking, it had no fancy fairings or chrome, and was in fact a bit rusty...but the guy who blew by us on it while hanging on for dear life was grinning like a maniac, so I guess it's a hell of a ride.

THAT thing would definately be interesting.


Ree you think that's good...

psychowulf /

You should come check out his bike here on the shore...

It was originally a stock harley... Then the guy turned it into a trike...

Uh uh, not good enough...

Added on a cab kinda thing to it, making it look like a rather small imitation of the Addams Family drag car hearse thingie if anyone knows what I speak of.

Still not good enough.

So he tweaks around with it a bit more and puts in a 30 over 350...

And now proudly rides it all around Salisbury and other locales around here.

I tell you, it makes your eyes about dart outta your head when you first see it.

Course we also have a vega on a 4x4 frame with 33 inch bush hogs around here too though so...


Who knows I may try to make that 350 powered moped... Getting compression started with that darn clutch cable is gonna be a bad 'un though. laughs

(oh and I was kidding about the moped part)

Re: Ree thinks that's nutz.

Reeperette /

I think I'll stay away from Harleys, dude...last time I tried to ride one I wound up underneath the damn thing, I popped the clutch on takeoff and she wheelied, dumpin me right off the back like a really pissed off bronco....and then had the damn nerve to come down at me, it's gleaming handlebars aimed straight between my eyes.

My bud and I more or less caught enough of the weight to tip it over before it actually HIT me, but to this day I think that damn bike somehow knew I was a 'pedder and did that on purpose...(only kiddin...well, halfkiddin, anyhow)

Me, I think I'll just step AROUND those Harleys on the sales floor, thankyouveryfrigginmuch !


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