Should I?

Should I bore out my head on my 88 Elite ES...Whast the good? The bad?



Re: Should I?

I say.... if you could find a big bore piston with quality equal to the Honda piston it had in it... It would be fine.

But I think the pistons in these "big bore" kits are NOT as good as original equipment pistons.

So I think it is generally a bad idea.

Re: Should I?

If your engine is identical to an 87 honda aero you can get a quality 65cc bore kit from malossi, the problem is the cooling fan is to small and will overheat if you ride on steep hills but its o.k. on the flats. You can also go .060 on your stock cyclinder, install 8 to 1 gears, beef up your clutch and put on a racing exhaust ( if they still make them) i don't know if you can get away with using your stock carb, i ran an 18mm mikuni carb but i didn't like the intake adapter that was used, anyway if you have any questions just e-mail me. Andy

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