Checkin' out the 'peds

david f martin /

I stopped by the cycle shop on my way from work this afternoon. They had 7 or 8 used peds parked outside, all of them Tomos...

They had them lined up in order of condition and price, from the cheapest rattiest bike ($150), to a vintage looking blue one with only 1500 miles on it ($500, don't know what year)...

I'd never really looked at 'peds before I got mine, which is a Yamahopper, a Japanese bike with different lines altogether. The vintage blue Tomos is really a beautiful machine.

Salesman told me that none of them ran. I see an opportunity... Maybe I could haggle on the blue one because it doesn't run, then offer to fix some of the other bikes... Might be an interesting side job, maybe meet some new friends...

Has anyone here every done anything like this? I'd probably be asking for advice from time to time...


Re: Checkin' out the 'peds

Ron Brown /

We help you fix them, we want a ride!

Seriously, Freds dissertation will most likely take care of most of them.


Re: Checkin' out the 'peds

If you can get hooked up w/ a repair job, that's a great resource for parts for you as well as getting good mopeds back on the road. Most will probably run after a bit of work, I'd guess. I've heard good things about Tomos.

I say, go for it! If you have problems fixing them up, I'm sure Fred's repair tutorial will help. Or post in the forum, these guys seem to know EVERYTHING.

But you cary a freakin' repair shop when you ride. So I'd guess you can fix them right away. ;-)

Re: Checkin' out the 'peds

david f martin /

Well, the blue one didn't seem to be missing anything. Some of the more ragged bikes were missing pedals or mufflers, but still seemed to be all there. I've had enough busted knuckles from mine that I think I could probably get most of them running, no problem...

I'll talk to the cycle shop Monday, and keep y'all posted...


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