Puch model and gas to use

Short story: Was given a Puch Newport. Said "Son, you clean it, I'll get it running." We did. That's all I know. It's a blue Newport, 2 hp and the registration card says it was bought in 1980 but I suspect it is an earlier model, DMV papers say 1978. Can anyone point me to identification info so I can do whatever tune-up/repairs correctly? Also, the dreaded unleaded gas warning..I am putting a bit of "lead" in the gas he uses. Do I need to or is there another solution?

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Re: Puch model and gas to use

yea, you can use normal unleaded gasoline, I do with my Puch '78 and just add the premixed oil solution. The "Do not use unleaded gasoline" warning is just an old warning that they had for Europe

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