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I recently got a second hand derbi senda, it was de-restricted when i got. the spedo is nackered on it so i got a m8 on a 70cc 2 pace me, he told me it does about 59-60mph easily. It easily out accelerated most 50cc's i found on the road but now i'm sure its going slower on take off and in top end. Is this just because im getting used to the speed of it or is there a problem with it? There is also a LOT of oil coming out of the exhaust, is this a problem or is it normal?

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Re: derbi senda hlp

I have a Bultaco Astro, which is the same as the derbi senda, really. It also throws a lot of oil from the exhaust. My problem is different. The carb o the astro is 18mm, i think yours is 14mm. This gives less lower end but much more higher end. When mine is cold, it has NO lower end but nice high end, and when it heats up its great. The lower end problem of yours i think is because your carb or air filter is dirty. The oil probkem can be soved by reducing the oil going into the cylinder. The oil pump is to the right of the cylinder, inside the "Carter"(i'm nt sure if that is how its called). Anyway where all the tubes go in that area. You should take off the cover and turn the screw in a little. A common problem on Derbi is having a high engine oil level (the oil in the gearbox and clucth). To know if there is too much: when you put first gear (disengagind the engine), is there a slight ted to pull forward? This is because the oil level is too high.

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i have just brought a new model derbi senda-r.i was also experiencing the same two problems as you are.when they are d-restricted they let a lot more fumes out of the exhaust and i also get a lot of shit on the back of my bike from it.i told my dealer this and he said it was normal for this to happen once they have had the restricter taken out.i have also been out racing lots of other 50cc bikes and i am well impressed with its performance but do not get any loss of speed. i also found out that my bike would not get up to top top speed untill i had ragged it a bit this is probably because they engine may need warming up properly.hope this can help.alex

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