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While shopping at the local Structure, I ran into the guy from the dealer who sold me the Tomos. I briefly discussed the moped with him and told him that I had bought and installed a biturbo. He proceeded to tell me that I had voided the warranty??? Could this be right??

Well then he subsequenly went on to tell me that the power and speed from a 70cc would make a big differnce. When I asked him what to expect in the way of performance, he said 60 or more, again can this be true, the cost is over 400.

Anyway what do you people think?


ps: he also said that if they installed the kit the warranty would not be voided, and furthermore that the kit which included a piston/carburator would not cause any lessening of engine life.

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Did he also tell you that with these

Re: 70cc kit tomos

i have a 98 tomos targa it goes 50-52 with just biturbo


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SteelToad /

I've got a 2000 Sprint (yeah, the dinky one) with the BiTurbo, Sprocket, and 70cc

kit and it will get to just about 50-55 mph. Not the 60's. From what I've read here

the Targa has a bit more power so 60 "may" be possible. You will see and hear

lots of comments about how the 70 kit will ruin your bike. They may be right, but

I personally have not had any problems yet.

As for them doing the speed kit not voiding your warantee. They are full of shit!

They are probably willing to warantee the work if they do it, and charge you for

the labor. Ask another Tomos dealer if having another shop put on the speed kit

will void your warantee. (Prepare to be laughed at)

Before going to the speed kit, try the 27 tooth sprocket (easy to put on and good

for about 5 mph), and try a bigger better carb if that is not enough. If you are still

not getting enough speed with those, then go with the kit.

I'm working with a local machine shop to get some even larger sprockets to get

more top end out of it. I really want to see 60

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How easy is it to put on the 27 tooth sprocket? also does it cut down acceleration appreciably?

I live in Miami, flat as a pancake Miami Florida. Yesterday I went to a local Mall where there is an appreciable incline in the parking garage. If I told you that the bike became a dog it is an understatement. If I still lived in New Jersey with all those hills... well I would probably pedal or push quite a bit. So you see what I and I presume we all want is a powerful speed demon that never breaks...hahaha


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Never changed one on a Tomos, but I changed one on a Minarelli 2 days ago. Took about 30 to 45 min. I took off the side panels and various covers. Put a big wrench on the nut that holds the sprocket on, and used the back tire (great leverage) to loosen the nut. Undid the master link in my chain. Pulled off the sprocket, put on the new one, redid the chain, adjusted the tires to take up the slack, (you

Re: 70cc kit tomos

SteelToad /

What dave said:

But I didn't undo the master link in my chain, just slid the tire forward for the

slack I needed. In the engine cover on my sprint, there was a reinforcing rib that

needed to be taken down a little with a dremel tool. Not enough to change a thing

structurally before you worry, but if you dont, the chain will rub.

Just put things back on the way they came off, and it's a snap. The hardest part

is getting that damned nut off. The the sprocket will slow down your acceleration

slightly, but not as much as you gained when you put on the BiTurbo.

I live in Delaware (equally flat) I accelerate with the cars just fine.

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