...and so it begins

so, mattology helped me pick up this beaut today! its a 95 Tomos Targa thats in pretty amazing shape! it hadnt been ridden in a while i assume bc right off the truck, it wouldnt go over 25mph. so i did what i assumed is the proper thing to do.

i did wheelies. lots of them

then i took it offroad in this nearby feild.

then i did a bunch of burnouts in the dirt

next thing you know... BAM! fucker goes 30+

after that, i threw on a beercan Biturbo pipe that matt also gave me and i was blasting 35+

thats when i new she was perfect. so i gave it a diet. i trashed the blinkers, luggage rack, square headlight, headlight surround, side panels and a fistful of unused wires. slapped on some random 6" chrome bucket light that i had lying around and quickly learned how the wiring on the light stator worked. stripped off the stickers and ended up with this so far.

there will be much more to come.

Re: ...and so it begins

King Drunky JCams /


Glad I got to ride with you in Tampa.

Next time you'll be on a moped. Even better!

Trick that shit and get one of my intake/carb setups!


Re: ...and so it begins

This is a good story. I like it.

I still get that exited.

Re: ...and so it begins

Sweet Dude! So Glad you got a moped.

Re: ...and so it begins

🎨🏆 Duncan /

jcams, you're hustling too hard sir.


Re: ...and so it begins

thanks guy... super happy here!! rode a little last night with matt and laurentz. i cant wait to build it big!!

Re: ...and so it begins

you tampa guy's are starting to get the scene going there!

Re: ...and so it begins

nice bike. I liked the graffics

Re: ...and so it begins

Yeah by the time him and Ranlet get kitted or fast enough to ride the fuck out our scene over here will be pretty awesome. Next ride we should have at least 20 peds.

Us Tampa boys will def be having some fall rides like august-november rides. We will try to have one every month. byah.

Re: ...and so it begins

Oh and Durdan...I can't wait to ride your ped, I just want to see how it feels. I bet in a month that thing will be doing 50mph. haha

Re: ...and so it begins

so, got the kit on.. still need to finish building exhaust and intake... plus i did a few cosmetic bits.. cant wait to ride it!

i bought the piston port Puch 70cc kit from matt, hence why i need to modify the exhaust. i also picked up a VM20 from him, so i need to make an intake.. man im so excited

Re: ...and so it begins

didnt take pics yet, but exh pipe is made. eventually, ill go to a better exhaust, but for now, the beercan biturbo will work. hell, it was free... cant complain.

i figure, ill break it in, then go high comp head and better pipe. i want 50+

Re: ...and so it begins

Sweet Dude! I can't wait to blast with ya!

Re: ...and so it begins

Looks good dude!

Re: ...and so it begins

that looks really good!!!

Re: ...and so it begins

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

damn that thing is gettin ugly, all that freshness wasted! at least the biturbo is stayin'

Re: ...and so it begins

"...at least the biturbo is stayin’"

for now.

Re: ...and so it begins

did you make an intake yet ? i would love to see how you got it to clear everything..

Re: ...and so it begins

still planning it out. i may just kick it back and not point the carb forward. my main hurdle is to keep it below the fuel petcock. i can make it fit great, but it will be above the fuel shutoff, so then i would never get to use the full capacity of the tank. if i put it nice and low, then either the front wheel or my toes while peddling will hit it.

i really want to keep the pedal aspect of the bike, so it looks like i may have to just point the carb aft.

Re: ...and so it begins

Durdan check out pictures of my old silver ped, precisely the way JCAMS made the intake manifold. Everything cleared and for some reason my shit was super fast. So yeah you should make your intake manifold like my old one because it is badass.

I like the way your ped is coming together, you are making it your own and for cereal I bet it will ride the fuck out when you are done. We all need to ride to the castle in the next few weeks on the peds. Most of us are there on Sat night anyways. haha

Re: ...and so it begins

so i decided to make it less shitty.

ditched the stock bars and went with the treats clubmans.

after that, i was super tired of seeing all the shit wiring and decided to redo it all, eliminate the plugs, and sleeve it in nice expandable nylon. super clean

im happy with how the bike looks now, runs great! i GPS'ed out at 44mph and i'm still stock gearing! i got my 27T sprocket in, still need to put it on, but i also just ordered a new pipe and seat! i cant wait to complete my little cafe 2 stroker!

damn you guys for being so contagious!! i think next im going to make my own bolt-on upper frame brace bar deal-io

should be rad

oh, i also sold my ruckus.

Re: ...and so it begins

you can also see my sweet bracket i made to tilt my motor down

Re: ...and so it begins

Jimbo Grand Daddy /

If you lived in Jersey, the biturbo alone would get you to 55 mph+!!

Re: ...and so it begins

ok, so come to find out, i had ZERO oil in my transmission. ZERO. ive prob ridden between 200-300 miles now. 1st gear was a maniac, but second always came into too soon.

so i added some 15w50 syn i had lying around in the shop.

bad idea. super clutch slip city. so i drained it, pulled the cover off and checked out my corks. they were surprisingly still good! i went ahead and cut some diagonal slots into the cork, reassembled and filled with 10w30 upto the sighthole. (i found that, too haha)

now its AMAZING! i still have it jetted a little too rich. but, with the air filter off, i GPSed out to 46mph!!

jesus i cant wait to throw on my other sprocket!! HAHAHAHAHA

this kit is stupid up top, i love it.

Re: ...and so it begins

so tonight i made a frame brace and lowered the hell out of the tomos seat for now. hopefully my new seat will be waiting for me when i get home!

Re: ...and so it begins

the human house /

ill buy your stock cylinder and intake

Re: ...and so it begins

ive got the cylinder and piston.. but the intake's gone, sorry.

Re: ...and so it begins

new seat's on. pipe is too.. just not in picture. i will take some real pictures soon (i.e. not from my phone)

i absolutely love this seat. so comfy... very confidence inspiring

Re: ...and so it begins

oh, and i hit 51mph today.

i am officially in the 50+ club.

thats still on stock 26T sprocket and stock 50cc head.

Re: ...and so it begins

i like it, just worried about one thing..more power+less engine mount may = bad news bends, keep an eye on those engine mounts.

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