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Yeah, on the way home from work last night.

I'd lost the homemade restrictor out of my tailpipe so the bike was extra loud. I decided to pull the tape off the holes I'd drilled in the aircleaner and see what she would do...

That did make a difference in the way it ran, so I'm flying home making a bunch of racket on the side of the 6 lane, had to stop for a light, and felt the rear end squishing around. Damn.

Got out the spare innertube, pulled the old one out of the tire, found the shrapnel and pulled it and inspected the tire, installed the new tube and pumped it up while curious onlookers held captive by the traffic light watched.

I must've pinched the new tube while putting the tire back on, because it immediately went flat again. Damn! Pulled the new tube out, found a hole and fixed it with my patch kit, reassembled and pumped the tire back up again...

Got about another mile down the road and pulled into the nearest convienience store to use the air machine. Tire was flat again. Damn!! Bought a can of Fix-a-flat (almost 7 bucks... DAMN!!!). This got me the rest of the way home (about 3 more miles), and the tire still had air in it when I pulled into my driveway...

I didn't ride today because of the rain, but I just checked my tire and it's still holding pressure... I'm gonna start carrying Fix-a-flat with me.



I admire your resourcefulness to carry the tools and stuff and to change on the spot.

And how many of those car drivers could do that?... none.

You have to be careful if you are using screwdrivers to lever the tire back on.

If you get a lot of flats... try using an old tube as a "liner" inside the tire to give more protection to your tire.

Just take the old tube and slit it around the inside.

I am currently running a wimpy tiny thin 16" bicycle inner tube in my 17" rear ped tire... And crossing my fingers.

Re: Flats

Reeperette /

You can get Puncture-Resistant tubes for moped tires, but damned if I remember exactly where...Maxxis might have em, I do not remember offhand.

Fix-a-Flat ain't never worked for me, but if it's serious enough to punch holes in a PR tube, FF ain't likely to be any help anyhow.


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