Pictures of stuff

$6.00 custom sticker from the local indoor swapmeet.

800watt brushless electric bicycle. 28mph max straight off the chargers. 26mph all day long. 25mile+ range. 1,800+ mile per gallon equivilent at $.05 per KW and $4.00 a gallon for gas.

Re: Pictures of stuff

whered you get the orange tires

Re: Pictures of stuff

They're Kenda Kontacts, pretty cheap and lots of grip but they wear out really fast.

My noped(old pic), waiting for all the parts I ordered to come: yt60 cylinder, piston and rings, ordered them yesterday after melting the piston that was in it, boyesen reeds, holeshot springs, pw rear gears, pw right side swing arm and second rear shock for right side. I probably forgetting some things, I spent way too much.

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