Tomos timing advance

Well, I've read enuff about it; and i've talked and asked enuff about it. It seems no one has tried it yet, and if they are, they aren't sharing. I'm talking about slotting the CDI mounting holes in order to adjust the timing. The bike's broken in...I have the tools...I have the beer...I'm rained out of work, so I'm gonna go give it a whirl. Wish me luck...I'll keep ya posted.

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Re: Tomos timing advance

Fantastic discovery...upon re-gutting my ignition, I found that my CDI already has slots for timing adjustment. And they look to be rather generous slots as well. If it weren't for the blasted external oil-mix pump, I could have a blast playing with the timing and give you guys all kinds of feedback. But alas, I spose I'll have to settle for 4 or 5 tests since it takes about 10 minutes to tear down and reassemble everything. Not that that is a lot of time, I just get bored quickly; and I only have 3 beers left.

Gonna go play now, and I'll have to test in the rain...the things we do for progress...


Re: Tomos timing advance

SteelToad /

Find something good that I can use, and I'll send ya some replacement sudz.

Re: Tomos timing advance

Well, there were two timing marks already etched in the a little more ccw than what it was set at. So, i rotated the cdi to that other mark, which should have advanced it at least 5 degrees or so. I went for a short spin and all i noticed was that i lost a bit of top end speed. Hard to tell tho cuz it was rainy and the conditions sucked. Torque didn't appear to change any.

I was gonna run a few more tests but when i tore the engine down again, i noticed i had broken a tab off of the magneto nut that drives my oil pump. (see my latest That freaked me into submission...for now.

When i get a new nut, i'll get a little more daring in the pursuit. I've thought of draining my fuel tank and putting a little mixed gas in it so i can leave all the goodies exposed during testing. Maybe i can do that on a saturday with a cooler fulla beer and nothing better to do.

I think the timing would be like most hot don't really notice a change until you tweak all the contributing factors. Maybe it would make more diffy with a bi-turbo (which i'm ordering now) and a bigger carb jet, etc. I learned that trick while building my vette engine. Each part did a little, but when ya match everything up, look out! Hard to notice much of an improvement when you're only dealing with 2 hp to begin with.

Anyways, when I learn more, I'll share more...


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