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I have an 81 Honda Passport C70 deluxe cub. How do i go about getting a tittle for it? I live in Worcester, Ma.

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If you go to a local insurance office, they should be able to tell you whether or not there is a title out there for it in someone's hands. If there is, you basically need to get it from them. If there is no title for it, then you can go down to the RMV with the VIN number and get a 'salvage title' if I remember correctly. Takes some time though.

Re: Tittle Question

Your mom has some nice tittles.

yah for tittles!

ahahahahahahaaaaaa i was thinking the same thing! yay for tittles!!!

Re: yah for tittles!

you beat me to it.

Re: yah for tittles!

So does this mean that those guys down at the RMV get to handle tittles all day? And even write on them?

Wow, who says civil service jobs are dull! :-P


Oh my Dog! Twice!

"Tittle" typos typed in twain.

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