Is it normal?

i just bought a moped carabela 78

and it works well, but well, when i fisrt start it it works awesome, but when i ride it and i stop the bike stops as well, and i have to pedali it in order to start the engine again.

why is this happening? any clue..

Re: Is it normal?

It sounds like it's having problems idling. Do you have a Dellorto carb on it? There's an idle screw you can turn (on pretty much any carb) to see if that helps, and if you do have a Dellorto, cleaning the idle passage should help too.

Re: Is it normal?

there is nothing normal in the world of mopeds

could be your carb or your clutch

Re: Is it normal?

Yeah, ditto on the idle adjustment. If it's super hard to get gowing after it shuts itself off, try a new spark plug. You may also need to change your main jet to a different size.

Re: Is it normal?

feather the throttle when you come to a stop.

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