Has anyone had a moped shipped to them ? What do you think is the best way to have a moped shipped from New York to Ontario, Canada ?

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i've shipped two mopeds (one from pa to texas and the other from pa to north carolina) and both times i've used amtrak express shipping services. i'm not sure if they have lines in canada but if they do the job would be very cheap (in my opinion). for both of the times i did the actual shipping was less than 40 dollars and it only took 2-3 days. you have to have strong tie downs either fabric or leather (i opted for fabric ratchet tiedowns because i know they're more than adequate) but they supply the wooden pallette free of charge. only speculation is there has to be a heavy express shipping center on both sides of the line to utilize. so check out or call them up (toll free number on the site) and they'll set you up.

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Thanks a lot Dave, i'll check it out.

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