miss cheryl i s not happy

i fucking hate this city.

my moped practically fell apart after riding around for only about an hour on these pothole-filled streets. everything is rattling now and i am missing a bunch of screws. my whole gas tank is hanging on by a thread.

i fucking hate this city.


miss cheryl gets happier

I always use Blue Loctite on almost all nuts and bolts on motorcycles and mopeds. It prevents them from loosening up and falling off later... motorcycles and mopeds get a lot more vibration than cars... which causes things to loosen.

You can get it from hardware stores where you will buy the new bolts that fell off.

A little dab'll do ya.

Don't get Red Loctite... the bolt will be stuck together TOOO much.

And you should treat the potholes like flags on a slalom course... it makes it fun... (if you can do it safely!)

Re: miss cheryl gets happier

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The blue lock tight is a good idea. We go through it by the gallon. I don't know what brand you have but many mopeds like the tomos really took the cheap way out when specing the hardware for the body work mounts. What we recommend is removing the panels and the Unut that the screws thread into. You can get extruded 5 or 6 mm U-nuts or (clip nuts) and the matching bolts at any autobody supply shop. You will notice a difference and your plastic pannels wont crack at the mounting points any longer. For extra security you can use the loctight as well


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Re: miss cheryl i s not happy

Reeperette /

Which City ?

I know Detroit was pothole-hell, given that it knocked a couple of exhausts clean off my Suzuki FA-50...And I bet the Tomos woulda thrown some of the panels fer sure if I'd rode it there.

Anyone ever pull off a successful suspension mod ?, just curious.


Re: miss cheryl i s not happy

Miss cheryl, I fully sympathize with you in your plight. I try to do like fred and swerve around them at the last moment and have a bit of fun. But here, the main drag was widened a foot on each side to add in a center turning lane. You can imagine where the addition meets the old road is where i have to ride most of the time and asphalt patching doesn't hold up too well after a few years. I only have about 300 miles on my bike and i've already found some loose stuff that I know I checked when it was new. That loctite sounds like a good idea, especially on critical parts that can cause a crash.

In addition, I've noticed that the plastic side covers on my Tomos act as loud-speakers during the rpm ranges that the engine vibrates. It makes a very annoying (and somewhat embarrassing) buzzing sound. Since at one of the three attachment points; the two panels on each side are connected to each other via a small strip of metal. I was wondering if you guys knew of a way of muffling these puppies. I was thinking of removing the panels and filling in the back sides with "Great Stuff" and shaving off the excess. But I'm concerned if the chemicals in the great stuff would eat up the plastic panels.

Any help is always appreciated,


P.S. Don't blame the city, Cheryl, remember that it was founded and built by humans...hee hee.

Re: miss cheryl i s not happy

SteelToad /

Why not just make up some rubber washers for the mounting point where the

bolt goes.

Re: miss cheryl i s not happy

well thanks everyone. i was actually just venting and didn't really expect solutions but these are all really good and i will definitely try them. things are looking up here in this shithole.

Re: miss cheryl i s not happy

It already has rubber washers from the factory...i think i'm gonna try the "great stuff" trick today...

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