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I'm so frustrated w/ my moped (1977 Bianchi w/ Minarelli engine) right now ... please ... please ... I need some help really fast (before too much nice weather passes!).

I tried fixing my compression, and that turned out to be a fiasco. My bolts are a bit stripped, so (w/ the help of Dave B) I pulled the cylinder and head and used JD Weld to put the stripped ends into the block. OK, so far so good. Then put most of it back together to let the liquid welding solution set.

Tonight, I began tightening the bolts. OK, I screwed up big time. I put the fly wheel cover on incorrectly and didn't notice it. It's supposed to go over the edge of my cylinder head, and it wasn't. So the bolts couldn't tighten (obviously!). By the time I noticed ... one (if not both) of the bottom bolts spun in the block. So much for JD Weld!

To make it worse, I don't have Allen wrenches, so I can't take off the fly wheel cover and do it right. Even so, though, the bolt is spinning. So ... am I screwed? Am I just up and over screwed and can't fix this?

Please ... I've been down for weeks and getting worse (not better!) each time I'm trying to fix my moped. My moped is awesome and beautiful. And she ran well and reliably. And I have stock performance parts coming from Italy. I want her to run. Can she be fixed? Someone, please, help me out!!!!!!!!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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