I'm so frustrated w/ my moped (1977 Bianchi w/ Minarelli engine) right now ... please ... please ... I need some help really fast (before too much nice weather passes!).

I tried fixing my compression, and that turned out to be a fiasco. My bolts are a bit stripped, so (w/ the help of Dave B) I pulled the cylinder and head and used JD Weld to put the stripped ends into the block. OK, so far so good. Then put most of it back together to let the liquid welding solution set.

Tonight, I began tightening the bolts. OK, I screwed up big time. I put the fly wheel cover on incorrectly and didn't notice it. It's supposed to go over the edge of my cylinder head, and it wasn't. So the bolts couldn't tighten (obviously!). By the time I noticed ... one (if not both) of the bottom bolts spun in the block. So much for JD Weld!

To make it worse, I don't have Allen wrenches, so I can't take off the fly wheel cover and do it right. Even so, though, the bolt is spinning. So ... am I screwed? Am I just up and over screwed and can't fix this?

Please ... I've been down for weeks and getting worse (not better!) each time I'm trying to fix my moped. My moped is awesome and beautiful. And she ran well and reliably. And I have stock performance parts coming from Italy. I want her to run. Can she be fixed? Someone, please, help me out!!!!!!!!

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Ok... first go buy an "Allen kit"... it is a compact allen wrench set in a foldable "kit' that keeps them altogether... maybe $5.

Next... I don't know your ped well... but it sounds like you need to take it somewhere and get "Heli-Coils" installed where the old studs stripped out.

It will then be fixed permanently, and you won't have to worry about that anymore.

They will probably cost $20 or $30 apiece.

A moped shop MIGHT be able to do the heli-coils... or a lawnmowr shop, or a motorcycle shop... or even a car garage... if these stud locations are easy to get to with a drill motor, tell them that... they want it to be easy... otherwise they won't take it.

Hope it works.

It will probably take at least 2 days for them to get to it.

Re: arghhh!!!

Thanks, I think we're going to try more of the JD Weld stuff. And I really am going out immediately after to get an Allen wrench set. I just never got around to it before ... big mistake!

What exactly are these "Heli-Coils"? No one here has suggested anything like that ... can you tell us what they are? I, for one, have no idea. I don't know where in town I could get that done ... but it's good to know for info.

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moped warehouse of New Jersey /

Relax. This is an easy repair if you take your time with it. You will need to go to any auto parts store and buy a helicoil kit. The size you need will be 6mmX1.0 The kit will have the correct drill bit, tap and installation tool as well as several helicoils. While you are at it you should helicoil all 4 cylinder studs. While you are ther at least pick up the 5 mm allenwrech you will need to remove the left hand blower houseng. And pick up a couple of spare heli coil insets( this wont be the last time you need them in your life) The kit will usually cost between 20 and 30 dollars but all you have to do is use it twice for someone else and they have bought it for you. Make sure you take precautions against letting any of the metal shavings fall into the crankcase by taping off the opening or stuffing a rag in it. It sounds as though the cylinder head nuts are frozen to the cylinder stud so you will want to either soak or heat the nut so that it can come off of the stud. After you have done the helicoiling, screw the studs int the block then slide the cylinder on making sure to proerly align and compress the piston rings. It will be a lot easier that way because the cylinder wont be floping around It will ride on the studs. Also with the blower housing off you will have much better acess to both sides of the cylinder. When you torque the cylinder head down tight it in several stages and in an X patern. If you have reused the original head gasket torque them down to about 12 ft lbs. and 8 to 10 ft lbs if you used a new gasket.


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Brandon E /

Heli-coils are like thread inserts. What you do is tap the threads in the engine to make them a little bigger with the tap provided in the kit and then thread the heli coil into the holes, they're kind of like hollow bolts, threaded on the inside and outside. then, the studs that hold the cylinder and head will thread right into the inserts.

Re: arghhh!!!

Ron Brown /


Best description of a heicoil I ever saw someone give without using thier hands!

Now describe a spiral starcase. :-)

Ron, temporarily in warm and rainy Florida

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